Grief Support

During this time you may want additional people to speak with in order to help you get through this transition and beyond. We would like to assist you in this process by providing the necessary resources. These organizations can be a great support. If you have any other questions regarding grief counseling please contact our office and one of our Funeral Directors will help you.

Grief Resources

Ø - provides information and an on-line support community

Ø - grief FAQ’s

Ø - for families, friends and patients

Ø - provides information about hospice care, dying with dignity, terminal illness, grief and bereavement

Ø - a resource for and by widows and widowers

Ø - for families dealing with SIDS

Ø - for parents and their families

Ø - for parents who have experienced a loss through early pregnancy, stillbirth or newborn death

Ø - for children